Sunday, 10 May 2015



I get asked so many times about my diet. The answer is always the same, I DON'T DIET

I just eat healthy and in moderation. If I feel like a chocolate I will eat it but knowing that the rest of the day its healthy eating. It has become a habit for me that I love.

I try hard to enforce this on my clients and help them understand the way to a healthier lifestyle. I don't give out diets because I don't think they work in the long run. Those that go on all these different diets are the ones that will lose the weight but will later put it all back on and a little extra.

So my advice to all those mums trying to lose weight is, learn to eat healthy and in moderation. It is the key to a healthy skinner you.

I have had a few requests of what my daily eating habit is, so I'll try and give you an example of what my day is like. I hope I don't bore you too much.

6am till 7:15am: wake up and make breakfast for my kids. Then I prepare their lunch for school. Giving I have 3 beautiful daughters, this takes me around 20mins. Then its dress my little one and do all 3 girls hair for school. I usually have my warm lemon water at this time of the day

7:15 till 8am: school drop off

8am till 9am: I try and have 2 dates before my workout or a piece of fruit. Then I do my home workouts and if my maid is not here its house clean up time.

9am till 12pm: training clients.

12 till 1:45: running around doing errands. I try and fit in lunch sometimes around here, and that will include something light, like a soup or salad.

2pm is school pick up. After my school pick up I'll have a small Mocha to help me go to the bathroom, otherwise I don't like coffee and can't stomach it.

Anything between 3pm and & 7pm is always homework with my girls or after school activities. I try and get some green tea in and drink plenty of water. This part of the day is the hardest for mums, because its the snacky time of the day. If I get hungry I'll have a piece of fruit, or 2 dates.

Dinner is usually at 6:30pm then its shower, dessert and bed time for my girls. My dinners are usually my heaviest meals. I know its not the answer you were hoping for but its the truth. Its our main meal, where we all sit on the dinner table and eat together as a family. I try and keep my meals small and low carbs. I cook all my meals with either coconut oil or olive oil. I never use butter or margarine unless its to butter my kids toast.

8:30 is my chill time with my husband until I fall asleep on the couch. lol

So after all that, I hope you can see that following a diet is not a long term solution. You need to sit down and really assess what your eating and try and find a happy balance in your eating plan. That can be to incorporate carbs and sweets, but just keep in mind that you should always balance it with healthier options and exercise.

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