Sunday, 13 September 2015


I get asked so many times what do I feed my girls. So many people look at them and think I am starving my kids because they are slim and petite. The truth is I am a balanced mum. I feed my kids the same way my mother would feed us, a balanced diet.

This is a sample of what our desserts look like every night

The majority of candy we see in the grocery stores are full of artificial colours and flavours

So here are a few simple rules that I follow:

  • I don't allow any artificial food colours or flavours 
  • No candy, chocolate or crisps on week days
  • No juice to school only water
  • we always have dessert after dinner
  • dessert is always fruit
  • treats and sweets are for the weekends
  • my kids don't eat chicken nuggets unless they are freshly made or chicken breast
  • no Mcdonalds, KFC, Burger king, Hungry Jacks or anything that I think is made of rubbish
  • and finally yes I do allow my kids some artificial junk but only on the weekends if we are at a party or event
These are a few of the foods that I limit for my kids

I am not one of those crazy mums, but I try to do the best for my kids. Now my best might not be the best but its what I know. So this might not suit everyone, but at least it is working for me.

I see so many kids eating so much rubbish and what surprises me is that its the parents giving it to them. I don't blame the parents at all, because the majority of them don't even know what the hidden dangers  are inside these foods. 

When it comes to nutrition, education and understanding whats in our foods is so important.

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