Thursday, 17 September 2015

Stop Dieting and live a healthier Lifestyle!

Wouldn't it be the best if someone told you to stop dieting?????

The key answer is just eat right. Do your research and know what suits your body. Now a days with all the technology we have it is so easy to find out what foods are healthy and what foods are not.

Going on a silly diet will only make you more hungry and when that weight comes off I guarantee you it will come back on. The trick is to just eat healthy balanced meals. No big portions and exercise daily. Doing this will allow your body to lose the weight that it doesn't need and keep it off.

There are so many people who will try gluten free or very low carb diets, and lose the weight but the moment they start eating these foods again they will put the weight back on. The reason for this is because they think that they have lost the weight and can eat what ever they want again. Well that's not the case. If you want to keep the body you have and look good then you need to adapt a healthy lifestyle and stick with it.

Now for sure there will be days where you just need to eat that piece of chocolate cake or have that burger. It is absolutely fine but do not do it on a daily basis.

Previously I posted a flat belly guide. It is just a guide and if it is followed you will eventually get that flat belly, but keeping that flat belly is a struggle, especially when you decide to re-introduce those foods into your diet again. If you do wish to do that then re-introduce them slowly and gradually.
The Real Diet Story is that if you lose the weight and then go back to eating the rubbish you use to eat, you will end up back to square one or even worse. Thats the truth and the Real Diet Story.

Getting that body that you have always wanted is really not that difficult if you are mentally ready to make a lifestyle change and to keep it.

Sunday, 13 September 2015


I get asked so many times what do I feed my girls. So many people look at them and think I am starving my kids because they are slim and petite. The truth is I am a balanced mum. I feed my kids the same way my mother would feed us, a balanced diet.

This is a sample of what our desserts look like every night

The majority of candy we see in the grocery stores are full of artificial colours and flavours

So here are a few simple rules that I follow:

  • I don't allow any artificial food colours or flavours 
  • No candy, chocolate or crisps on week days
  • No juice to school only water
  • we always have dessert after dinner
  • dessert is always fruit
  • treats and sweets are for the weekends
  • my kids don't eat chicken nuggets unless they are freshly made or chicken breast
  • no Mcdonalds, KFC, Burger king, Hungry Jacks or anything that I think is made of rubbish
  • and finally yes I do allow my kids some artificial junk but only on the weekends if we are at a party or event
These are a few of the foods that I limit for my kids

I am not one of those crazy mums, but I try to do the best for my kids. Now my best might not be the best but its what I know. So this might not suit everyone, but at least it is working for me.

I see so many kids eating so much rubbish and what surprises me is that its the parents giving it to them. I don't blame the parents at all, because the majority of them don't even know what the hidden dangers  are inside these foods. 

When it comes to nutrition, education and understanding whats in our foods is so important.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015


How many times have you heard this??

  • A quick pill
  • A magic pill
  • 5 minute abs
  • 20 min workouts to a flat tummy 
  • etc

Well the truth is there is no magic cure for losing weight and having a flat tummy. You need to work your heart out to achieve these goal. Sure there are so many teas and drinks out there that will help you achieve results faster but you still have to do the hard work.

Now how hard is it to get your gear on and just do 30mins of an intense workout everyday. If you really think about it, its not that long.

So to help you jump start your weight lose journey there are 5 very important things you should consider implementing into your new lifestyle:

  1. No sugar
  2. Low salt intake
  3. No wheat
  4. Low carb intake
  5. Increase your cardio workouts
Looks crazy right? Well why not try it just for a month and see how you feel and look. The first couple of days will be challenging but then your body will adapt and you will become addicted to the results. 

Once the month is over, do not think you can indulge in the above because what ever weight you lost you will put it straight back on. Be smart and eat a balanced diet after that first month. 


All different shapes and sizes

Yes we are all created equally and we all have different shapes and sizes but why is it that some of us women love to look after our bodies and others really don't care.

I walk around the mall and the schools and see so many women, who all I want to do is give a hug, and tell them that I know exactly how they are feeling. Because like it or not us mums and women pretty much all feel the same way at some point in time. 

  • PMS
                                                                  and the list goes on.

So what goes through my mind is why do some women let it get the better of them while others do something about it. Now when I say get the better of them I mean they eat to compensate for the way they are feeling. 

Just something to think about.