Friday, 3 October 2014


The worst feeling is when you have a date night and you choose to wear a tight black dress but one thing is stopping you. Your tummy that makes you look like you are 5 months pregnant.

For as long as I remember I have only ever gone to the bathroom (and by bathroom I mean number 2) only once every 2 weeks and if I'm lucky once a week. After seeing so many doctors I was diagnosed with crohns but the opposite of what others have. My problem is that I never went to the bathroom. This eventually brought out so many related problems that you would never think would be related.

To cut the story short I decided to change my diet even though I ate very healthy and was a gym junkie, I just couldn't put my finger on it. I would drink green tea but never coffee. After doing a little research I changed my diet and started including a small cup of coffee everyday with over 2 and half litres of water and plenty of fruit to kick start my metabolism.

So after all those years of screaming from pain and crawling to the bathroom, trying so many laxatives and teas, it was the caffein in coffee that did the trick. So everyday after school pick up I force down a cup of coffee with 500mls of water and voila!!!!! Im a happy women.

I know this is off the track from my regular fitness and healthy eating but I thought I should post it incase there was anyone else out there like me.

One day I will have the courage to post pics of the way my tummy would look like but for now just leaving you with this pic.

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