Tuesday, 7 October 2014


Grabbing a fresh juice is a normal thing for me to do when I'm out and about. Now I'm not saying that I eat greens and fruits all day long but I would rather fuel my body with something healthy then grabbing a chocolate or crisps or a delicious Frappacino. Yes I know what your thinking...... I love grabbing a Starbucks Mocha as well, but for the days that I feel sluggish and tired I grab a shot of wheat grass and a energising juice.

Fuel your body with Super Foods 

So the next time your out and about why not try grabbing a juice instead of a sugary drink. Most of the malls around Dubai have a juice station, so the next time your at the mall look around for it and fuel that body with the good stuff.

Juice station at Mall of the Emirates Dubai

Not sure what's going on with my facial expressions here. 
About to throw down a shot of wheat grass

Getting my mum in on the juicing....

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