Thursday, 10 July 2014


What's the first thing you hear a mum say in the morning?

OMG I have so much to do and don't have time to workout!!!!

The answer is GET YOURSELF ORGANISED!!!!!!

Think about how easy your morning  would be if you had everything organised the night before. I am a strong believer of being organised. I feel that everything runs smoothly and less stressful. Priorities your self and have a to do list on the fridge that will help you remember to tackle the things that need to get done. I follow a few blogs and love reading about how other mums tackle the normal day to day things. Two of my favourites are and They both have great ideas on keeping your house organised and include some cute printables to help.

Here are a few pointers to help get on top of things:

  • always try and wake up before everyone on a weekday and have that extra 30mins of quiet time for your self to get yourself together. 
  • prepare the kids school bags the night before, that way your not a mess in the morning
  • always have a spare bag of clothes, wipes, nappies, diaper bags etc in the car for those times where you forget to pack a bag.
  • always have healthy snacks ready in the fridge for you to just pick up and go
  • if your kids are old enough, allocate tasks for them and give them some responsibility. Please don't give me the excuse that they never listen, remember you are the parent not them
  • try and organise your purse once a week, making sure that all your necessities are in there
  • don't do house chores everyday, allocate days for your house work and the other days are for you to enjoy
  • always make time for yourself, if it means waking up early or when the little one is having a nap

I'm sure there are a million other ideas that I have missed, and I would love to hear them. For now thats all I got, and I hope they help.

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