Thursday, 17 July 2014


Giving up Lebanese bread was the hardest part of going gluten free. Everything else I found an alternative for.

About 2 years ago I was diagnosed with Intercostal Chondritis, Long word right? Its inflammation between the rib joints and can causes severe pain. After visiting many doctors and holistic doctors I decided to take the matter into my own hands and not go down the road of anti- inflammatories for the rest of my life. I am a strong believer in you are what you eat. So I googled what foods cause inflammation and Wheat and Gluten were the 2 that I over consumed. This is how my journey began.

I told my hubby that I would try it for 1 month only to see if the pain would go away and sure enough after 3 weeks the pain was very little. Thinking that this was a joke, I went back to eating wheat and my daily portions of Lebanese bread and pasta, not long after doing this the pain came back. So this is how I started.

Going through the pantry and removing everything that has wheat and gluten was a headache and stressful, because I found out that almost everything had wheat and gluten in it......... I was about to have a melt down, thinking how in the world can I eat and introduce this to my family without it being a burden.

The internet was my life saver. I did my research and went straight to the organic store and stocked up on so many things.

The day I found gluten free bread that actually tasted like normal bread was a relief. After going 3 months with no bread, I knew something had to give. Thank you to Spinneys in Dubai.

 Organic Gluten Free pasta

My little personal shopper 

The Organic food and cafe in Dubai has so many gluten free items that makes going gluten free so easy.


Ill be posting many more gluten free items that have been tried and tested. The ones that I love and the ones that are a no go.


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