Thursday, 10 July 2014


Have you noticed all the new trends and fads that are evolving in the fitness industry????? Its crazy and blowing up so fast. I remember when I decided to be an aerobics instructor, it was a huge deal at the time for my family, and when I enrolled at university to study a Bachelor of Health Science, I was the only Arab female studying  this course. At the time I was very intimidated and felt out of place, however now it would be a complete different story.

Every where I turn there is a new gym opening, or a new style of exercise, or some new crazy tea or supplements. At the end of the day people only want one thing. To be healthy!!!!!! Among them there are the ones that are just craving for that quick fix or that magic cure to lose all their unwanted weight. 

What happened to the good old fashioned way of losing weight, Eat healthy and exercise regularly..... Its as easy as that....... The key is to have a balance in your life, with every thing that you do, from your diet, to your career to your family.

The most common excuse I hear from my clients is that I don't have time or I'm bored...........In my mind I'm thinking shut the hell up, because when a person is so desperate to lose their weight or get back to a healthy balanced lifestyle, they will do anything to achieve it. I am the best example for this, I put on 38kgs with my first baby and lost it all, but thats another time and another post. 

I guess this post is about how awesome and easy it is to get into shape these days and how happy I am that the industry that I love so much has just blown up and is so out there for anyone to enjoy and use. 

I love working out, its my breathe of fresh air in the morning, without it I feel like I'm chocking the entire day.

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