Sunday, 7 September 2014


It's never too late to exercise

Research has shown that the best time to exercise is in the mornings, however not everybody is the same. We all have different priorities and schedules and need to fit a workout around our busy lives.

Remember don't make working out your life, make it a part of your life.

If you missed your morning workout, who is to say that you can't do it in the evenings when you have completed everything that needs to be done. How hard is it to put your gym gear on, cramp up your best workout  music and do a killer workout that shouldn't take more than an hour.

This is exactly what happened to me yesterday. After I fed my kids, showered them and put them to sleep, I did a quick circuit at home. Felt so good to have not missed a workout.

Find a place that you find comfortable and just do it

Killing my butt with lunges

I add leg weights as I can't lift any weights

After I finished this little munchkin came in for a quick selfie

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